All day, every day.

All day, every day.

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Tranquil Scandinavian Style Interiors
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"Maybe it’s a little delusional, but sometimes I would write something, and I would be my favorite writer that day."

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Holy Christ on Crackers, It’s COLD!

This polar vortex is not fucking around. 

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"I have left my heart in so many places!"


"I have left my heart in so many places!"

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When someone says my favorite TV show is just okay



This actually happened.

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"Do you think Hollywood’s still so arted towards young men?"

"Well look at our culture".

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and from the crowd i saw your face
you spoke of love
oh, you sang of grace

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Everytime I make a Doctor Who pun with my coworkers



Wow - this is probably the most accurate GIF of my life on the entire Internet. My co-workers never appreciate my Doctor Who references, and they think I’m a huge fucking weirdo. 

This is why I sit at my desk and don’t talk. 

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"I want movement, not a calm course of existence. I want excitement and danger and the chance to sacrifice myself for my love. I feel in myself a superabundance of energy which finds no outlet in our quiet life."

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The Doctor’s dilemma in [The Waters of Mars], as in so many of the best of Davies’ episodes, was a moral one. It wasn’t a problem that could be solved by being clever or using the sonic or the TARDIS to fix everything. There was no winning scenario—the Doctor had to choose the best of two bad outcomes and it hurt to watch him do it. It made us hurt for him, which made us love him all the more. The Doctor knows what fixed points in time are, so can he refuse to save Pompeii? Should he have prevented the Dalek race from ever being born? Was it wrong to destroy the Racnoss, or was it just wrong to take steely pleasure in it? Was it wrong to depose Harriet Jones? There’s a moral question like that underpinning all the best of Who.

There’s very little of this exploration in Moffat’s Who, which creates an Eleven who is that arrogant, dangerous Time Lord Victorious from the end of “Waters of Mars.” He doesn’t have moral dilemmas, he’s not bothered about the consequences of his actions, he doesn’t even pause long enough to worry about the people who might get trampled under his feet or feel bad when innocent bystanders end up as collateral damage. Consider the particularly nauseating example of the solution to the Silence infestation of Earth in “Day of the Moon”: humans being hypnotoaded into being weapons of niche destruction. Perhaps it’s a testament to the vividness of his storytelling, but think about what Moffat has created here: in that world, thanks to the Doctor, every time you or I turn around we might feel a compulsion to splatter open a skull. There’s very little to love about a character with so much power who wields it so carelessly.

Part of what’s so maddening is that Moffat often has the opportunity to explore the moral dilemmas right in front of him and refuses to do anything with it. If there’s a consequence to the Eleventh Doctor’s behavior, Moffat’s hiding it inside a strangely constructed Rubik’s Cube, and we’re no longer convinced he isn’t more interested in playing with the puzzle than finding what’s inside.


For Whom the (Cloister) Bell Tolls, Or Why We Hope Steven Moffat’s ‘Doctor Who’ Is An Island - TVBacon [x] (via youholdthewater)


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When I grow up I want to be Ming-Na Wen.

She’s the voice of Mulan, as if she wasn’t amazing enough.

She broke it with her fingers. Not a fist, her fingers.

That hair flip. Edit: Also she is 50. Daaaamn, girl.

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Reblogging because the rest of the world needs to learn to move their lighthouses.
Because they are blocking freedom.




Reblogging because the rest of the world needs to learn to move their lighthouses.

Because they are blocking freedom.



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